Cyclopentane 95% (Cas no 287-92-3)

Physical and chemical properties

Colorless transparent volatile liquid, smell of gasoline. Freezing point -94℃, boiling point about 49℃. The vapor density is 2.4 times that of air, and the vapor pressure is 36.6kpa at 20℃ and 69kPa at 38℃. Density (20 ℃) 0.745 g/cm³ . Flash point (closed cup)-37℃, flammable. Spontaneous combustion temperature 361℃. Explosion limit in air (volume fraction) 1.5% ~8.7%.

TLV/TWA limit is generally 600cm³/m³. General cyclopentane products should be colorless transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities, no suspended matter.

Features and uses

    Cyclopentane has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP value) and global warming potential (GWP value). It is used as a blowing agent for rigid polyurethane foam to replace chlorofluorocarbons (CFC-11) which have a destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer. ), mainly used in fluorine-free refrigerators, freezers, water heater industries, cold storage, pipeline insulation and other fields. The solubility of cyclopentane in polyether polyol is relatively small, and low-viscosity polyether polyol is generally required. Cyclopentane can be mixed with isopentane.
Cyclopentane is flammable and explosive, and its explosion limit is (1.4-8.0)%. It is listed as a Class A and Class B fire protection object. Cyclopentane is also a kind of volatile organic compound, with a volatilization amount of 8.5Kg/m² per hour, with a light pungent odor. Therefore, there are strict requirements on production equipment, workshops, transportation and storage, as well as higher requirements on the quality and safety of employees.
Cyclopentane itself has low toxicity and has a de-esterification function. Once it touches the skin or splashes into the eyes, it should be washed with water immediately. Once the cyclopentane leaks, it should be diluted and dispersed with inert gas nitrogen immediately.

Cyclopentane is commonly used as a foaming material for household appliances

    Cyclopentane does not contain halogens, has a short life in the atmosphere, is easily decomposed safely, and will not damage the ozone layer.
The GWP value of cyclopentane is very small. (GWP (Greenhouse Warming Potential) represents the global warming potential value. The smaller the GWP value, the better the environmental characteristics of the refrigerant)
The thermal conductivity of cyclopentane in the gas phase is relatively small. It can meet the technical requirements of most home appliances for thermal insulation performance.

Cyclopentane used in refrigerator


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