• What are polar solvents? Which are nonpolar solvents?

    When we study the dissolution of substances, we often use the empirical rule of “similar phase dissolution”, which can be simply explained as “polar solute is easy to dissolve in polar solvent, non-polar solute is easy to dissolve in non-polar solvent”. Recently, several c...
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  • Cyclopentane 95% (Cas no 287-92-3)

    Cyclopentane 95% (Cas no 287-92-3)

    Physical and chemical properties Colorless transparent volatile liquid, smell of gasoline. Freezing point -94℃, boiling point about 49℃. The vapor density is 2.4 times that of air, and the vapor pressure is 36.6kpa at 20℃ and 69kPa at 38℃. Density (20 ℃) 0.745 g/cm³ . Flash point (closed cup)-37℃...
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  • DMAC

    【Background and Overview】 Dimethylformamide (DMF) is relatively common in chemical production, but there are few introductions about dimethylacetamide (DMA). Dimethylacetamide is N,N-dimethylacetamide, also known as acetyl dimethyl amine, dimethyl amine acetate, and the English name is Dimethyl...
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  • DMAC is mainly used as a solvent for which materials?

    The scientific name of DMAC is Dimethylacetamide, and the molecular formula is CH3CON(CH3)2. Dimethylacetamide can dissolve a variety of compounds, and can be completely miscible with water, ethers, ketones, esters, etc. It has the characteristics of high thermal stability, resistance to hydrolys...
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  • Several major refineries closed, oil price surged to a 13-month high

    ExxonMobil Corp., Valero Energy Corp. and Total Petroleum Corp. have temporarily shut down some of their Texas refineries and slashed crude oil production as widespread disruption from the cold pushed oil prices to their highest levels so far this year. At least 2.6 million barrels have been conf...
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  • N,N-dimethylacetamide 99% (DMAC) Manufacturer in China

    N,N-dimethylacetamide (Dmac) is an organic compound. Cas:127-19-5,Molecular formula:C4H9NO,Melting point:-20 ℃,Boiling point:165.1 °C,Relative density(g/mL,25/4ºC):0.9366 g/cm³. Solubility: It has good solubility for a variety of organic and inorganic substances. It can be miscible with water, ...
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  • Under the influence of synthetic detergent market, the production and sales of alkyl benzene industry in China declined

    Alkyl benzene is dodecyl benzene, also known as normal dodecyl benzene, straight chain alkyl benzene, in the industry mainly uses α-olefin, orthostructural olefin, isomeric olefin and other long chain olefin, and benzene as the main raw materials, under the action of acid catalyst condensation ma...
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  • China N-dodecane 99% C12h26 CAS No. 112-40-3

    N-dodecane: Basic info:C12h26,CAS No. 112-40-3,Non-dangerous goods. Packing: 150kg net in Iron Drum,palletized in 20GP. Application:raw material of spray insecticide, pesticide, top-grade washing daily product. We’re direct supplier of N-dodecane,so price is really competitive.You can compa...
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  • In response to the rising tide of raw material price, how should coating companies deal with the risk of price fluctuations?

    From the perspective of operating cost structure, the main raw and auxiliary materials of coating products are emulsion, resin, titanium white powder, additives, fillers, various organic solvent(like Cyclohexane,Methyl cyclohexane,DMF etc.), packaging, etc., and the cost of all kinds of chemical ...
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  • Uses of Cyclohexane (110-82-7)

    Do you know what Cyclohexane is, what it does? Actually, this kind of liquid that has gasoline smell, it has no color, and still can’t dissolve into water, but can be mixed with alcohol, acetone and other organic solvents, it is very easy to volatilize and burn. But cyclohexane is very stab...
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  • Solvent oil market

    6# solvent oil has been shrinking in recent years. The fundamental reason is that some chemical companies in the terminal have shut down. Because of  application of 6# solvent oil in SBS adhesives, because it is still an irreplaceable variety for the time being,6# solvent oil is in an embarrassin...
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  • Cyclohexane 99.9% Cas 110-82-7

    Introduction: Cyclohexane,  molecular formula is C6H12, UN1145, Cas 110-82-7, volatile, slightly pungent odor liquid, non-corrosive. Soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol, ether, benzene and acetone. It is produced by hydrogenation of pure benzene. Application: 1. Used as solvent for r...
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