Difference between Methyl cyclohexane and Cyclohexane

Methylcyclohexane is one of the green chemical solvents in recent years. Methylcyclohexane is made by replacing one hydrogen atom with methyl (i.e., CH3) on the basis of Cyclohexane.

Methylcyclohexane has a higher flash point(-3.8℃), a higher boiling point(100.3℃) than Cyclohexane-16.5℃/80.7℃. Compared with other substances, Cyclohexane has a lower odor and is less toxic. Methyl cyclohexane is modified on the basis of Cyclohexane, which is more green and environmentally friendly.

  1.  Methylcyclohexane and Cyclohexane are homologous products. Both can be widely used as solvents in the paint industry, and both can be used as extraction solvents and pigment thinners. The biggest characteristic of Methyl cyclohexane is that it is green and less toxic, which is suitable to replace toluene production.
  2.  In fact, Methylcyclohexane is not only suitable for rubber, paint, varnish solvent, oil extraction solvent, organic synthesis; A standard for calibrating thermometers. Many customers have purchased Methyl cyclohexane to produce correction fluid, many factories are using dichloroethane, trichloroethane, benzene and other production.
  3. Methylcyclohexane is relatively expensive, safe and environmentally friendly. How can it be so cheap? Methyl cyclohexane can replace toluene production.I believe some people are aware of this, but the price is there. If the entire production line using Methyl cyclohexane this raw material, the procurement cost is much more than the previous budget.
  4. Both Cyclohexane and Methyl cyclohexane are substitutable, and how they are produced depends on what the factory needs. The safety work of different factory is different, the requirement is different.To choose an environmental protection safe performance high production or affordable production, depends on the demand of the factory.
  5. Green production has been a measure of strength of factory, Methyl cyclohexane as a new chemical solvent is in line with the green environment. In terms of sewage discharge, the factory can meet the national standards at the same time. If the production field of factory involves rubber, paint, correction fluid, etc., you can consider using Methylcyclohexane, which may be more effective than you imagine.


Post time: Jul-22-2020
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