Uses of Cyclohexane (110-82-7)

Do you know what Cyclohexane is, what it does? Actually, this kind of liquid that has gasoline smell, it has no color, and still can’t dissolve into water, but can be mixed with alcohol, acetone and other organic solvents, it is very easy to volatilize and burn. But cyclohexane is very stable in acids or bases, and it’s not going to react with low concentrations of acids at very low temperatures, it’s only going to react with very low concentrations of nitric acid at very high temperatures. In addition, it can be isomerized with alumina.

Cyclohexane also oxidizes, but under different conditions it can produce different products. For example, if the temperature is 185 to 200 degrees Celsius, the atmospheric pressure reaches 10. — At 40, when you have air or oxygen, you can also make cyclohexanol. But if you use fatty acids as a catalyst, you get it up to 120. — At 140 degrees Celsius, it’s going to be another product, a mixture of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone instead of just cyclohexanol. So, what does cyclohexane do?

Cyclohexane is a chemical used mainly in the manufacture of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone, and is widely used in the paint industry as a solvent.

It can also be used in organic synthesis.

It can do extraction solvent, it can also do pigment thinner.

In fact,Cyclohexane at ordinary times the purpose is to make the adipic acid and adipic amine, hexamethylenediamine consumption is very high, there is a small part can be used to make something else, like fiber kind thing, fat, oils, waxes, etc., can also do resin, the key is to remove the coating and paint remover can do. It is also made of nylon.

Cyclohexane is very useful in the chemical, on the chemical determination of molecular weight, solvents or recrystallization, and so on, cyclohexane has no small contribution, in fact, it has a name called hexahydrobenzene?

Now how much do you know about cyclohexane? It is not enough to know the use, it is still a relatively dangerous goods, very easy to burn, and there is a certain toxicity, so we should be careful when using, so as to ensure safety.

Post time: Oct-13-2020
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