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Dimethyl carbonate (DMC), Cas:616-38-6,is a low toxicity, environmental performance, USES a wide range of chemical raw materials, it is a kind of important intermediates in organic synthesis and molecular structure containing carbonyl, methyl and methoxyl functional groups, with multiple reaction performance, in the production with the use of safe, convenient, less pollution and easy transportation, etc. Dimethyl carbonate is a promising “green” chemical product due to its low toxicity.

Dimethyl carbonate is an environmentally friendly and green raw material, which can meet the requirements of the current clean process, in line with the strategic trend of sustainable development, and at the same time has a variety of excellent properties, so its synthesis process has attracted more and more attention. DMC has four existing production processes, among which oxidizing carbonylation process is an earlier and more mature process, and its product price is lower, while the product price of transestment exchange process is higher, which was once considered to be a less economical process. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, there are more and more researches on transesteration technology. Shell and other large companies even regard it as a typical example of sustainable development planning and green environmental protection technology development. It is said that the newly developed transesteration technology can significantly reduce investment and cost. According to economic analysis, the price of DMC products in oxidative carbonylation process is restricted by the price of methanol and carbon monoxide, while the price of DMC products in ester exchange process is restricted by the price of ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol and steam. Therefore, the joint construction of ethylene oxide and DMC production base has potential economic benefits. Dimethyl carbonate is still in short supply in China, which is a good opportunity for development and construction.



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